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  1. george Said:

    Iforgot my math homework and i was wondering if you could put math workbook volume 2 for math please!

    • slounsbury Said:


      I can’t upload workbook 2 tonight… On Monday remind me to scan it and attach it as a file on our blog. Since I will not be in school tomorrow, you can just turn it in on Monday. Have a good day tomorrow and a good weekend!

      Mrs. Lounsbury

  2. ella Said:

    I was wondering if you could download workbook two? I left my homework folder at school by acssident .

    • Mrs. Lounsbury Said:

      Ella, I’m sorry… I left school for the day and can’t download it until tomorrow.

      • ella Said:

        then I guess I can’t do my math homework. sigh…

  3. Clare Said:

    Dear mrs. l,

    either my mom threw out my mmm log, or i lost it.i have looked, but am going to some more. could you put it on the oops i forgot page please?


  4. Cavan Said:

    Dear Mrs. L,
    For the math homework, I know how you said we had to make a lot of the shapes but I’ve only done 3 and I’m out of shapes. What do I do?

  5. Owen Said:

    Dear Mrs. L,
    I forgot my math homework.. i thought i put it in my binder, i have no idea what happened. Anyway… I just wanted to let you know. because there is no copy of it on here. Can you put a copy of our math homework from now on?

  6. Owen Said:

    Nevermind, i got it

  7. Owen Said:

    Can you possibly download workbook 1?

    • Mrs. Lounsbury Said:

      Owen, workbook 1 and 2 are on the blog already under the math links, not the oops I forgot page.

  8. alex Said:

    dear mrs lounsbury, when i printed out my daily geo i got pages 37-1 and i had to shut my printer down. do you know why.

    • slounsbury Said:

      Alex, you only need to print week 7. When you open the document, scroll down to the page you need (week 7) and look at what page that is… Then go to file, print, and type the page you need under “pages” on the left hand side. If you can’t figure it out, ask your mom or dad. Maybe they can help.

  9. Shelby Sibilio Said:

    dear ms l
    I was looking on your blog clicked on oops i forgot and the computer want let me pint out the Daily Geography? I do not know why but I just can not get it. I did not know if it we my computer or the blog.
    SHELBY .S.

  10. Shelby Sibilio Said:

    dear ms l
    I was looking on your blog clicked on oops i forgot and the computer want let me pint out the Daily Geography? I do not know why but I just can not get it. I did not know if it was my computer or the blog.
    SHELBY .S.

    • slounsbury Said:


      Hmm… I don’t know why you are having trouble opening the document. Remind me in SS tomorrow to give you another copy and you will have tomorrow night to complete it.

      Mrs. Lounsbury

  11. sean Said:

    mrs. lounsbury i lost my word study packet, can you put it on the opps i forgot page it would be very helpful

    • slounsbury Said:

      I can’t upload it now (I am not at school), but remind me tomorrow. πŸ™‚

    • slounsbury Said:

      I found it saved onto my computer at home so I uploaded it. Give it a try.

      • sean Said:

        never mind i found mine

  12. alex Said:

    do you think the Lost Hero is a just right book for me?

    • slounsbury Said:

      I think it is more of a “just Right” book than The Lightning Thief series. Let’s chat tomorrow around it during morning work. : )

  13. Eliot Said:

    Mrs. Lounsbury, is there a single sided math worksheet for tonight? I could not locate it and I’ve asked others and they can’t either. thanks, Eliot

  14. sean Said:

    my family doesent know how to put the colonial brochure into brochure form and i have everything typed up can u tell me how to put it in to the brochure form?

  15. alex Said:

    i cant find my birthday surprises packet. can you put it on oops i forgot?

  16. Lila Said:

    i can’t find my math homework. can you put math book 2 on the blog???

    • slounsbury Said:

      It’s already on the blog… Under math links. πŸ™‚

  17. Bo Pollio Said:

    i mr. Grant I am reveiwing my book report and i cant find my rubric can you preety please post it on the blog.
    Thanks bo

  18. kathleen tropsa Said:

    dear mrs. l,
    HIII!!!!!! its kathleen. i was just wondering how u and the baby are doing! i miss u sooo much!!!

    • slounsbury Said:


      Brooklyn and I are doing well. How is MIDDLE SCHOOL? I bet you love it!!! Come by and visit any time! πŸ™‚

      Mrs. Lounsbury

  19. caroline j Said:

    mrs l i forgot my math assignment culd you post it on your blog?

  20. Hi Mrs. L, I forgot my science study sheet. I think I left it at school. Can you put it on the blog? Thanks, Charlie

    • slounsbury Said:

      I can not put it on the blog. Study from your word bank and concepts page. The school is open today so you can come pick it up.

  21. Jack Henry Littlfield Said:

    Hi Mrs. L,I forgot my Why explore worksheet could you post

    Sincerely, your student Jack Henry LIttlefield

    • slounsbury Said:

      I cannot post it on the blog, I’m at home right now. You can answer the question “Why explore?” in one paragraph (5-6 sentences) on a separate sheet on white lined paper. Are you sure it’s not in tge SS section of your binder? It should be numbered 3!

  22. kathrine winslow Said:

    Hi Mrs. Lounsbury, I forgot my math worksheet. Could you please post it?

    • kathrine winslow Said:

      Nevermind, I actually had it. Thanks any way!

      • slounsbury Said:

        Oh good!!!

  23. Anna Fox Said:

    Mrs. lounsbury do you mind posting our mathwork sheet IF your still at school. Sorry 😦

    • slounsbury Said:

      I’m not at school anymore… I’ll pin it to the bulletin board tomorrow AM and you can come up and work on it when you get to scholar, or you can call a friend and get the info from a friend. πŸ™‚

  24. Anna Fox Said:

    Emma printed it to me so I’m good now! thanks though πŸ™‚


  25. Erin Hackett Said:

    Hi Mrs. Lounsbury,
    I checked the blog and it said we had to finish our math sheet, but I don’t have it since I left early. Can I bring it home tomorrow and do it as homework over the weekend?

    • slounsbury Said:

      We actually didn’t even get to it, so you are all set!!!

  26. Katie Hackett Said:

    Hi Mrs. Lounsbury,
    I wasn’t at school today and you sent home a math packet but the blog said there isn’t any math homework. I was wondering if I should do the whole packet, or do some of the packet.

    • slounsbury Said:

      The math practice packet was classwork. Most students finished it. We will be going over it on Thursday, so do what you can.

  27. Emma Neumann Said:

    Hi Mrs.L! Where is the publication page on the website? I can’t seem to find it!

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